Quick Time Event is a short topical podcast that the MONG team posts once a week.

All of their episodes are now available through iTunes.  Search iTunes for MONG Podcast or click here and subscribe to them so it will automatically download new episodes. Thanks for tuning in!

07/18/14 - Episode 8 - Rapid Fire Edition

Cast: Courtney, Lou, Myles

07/11/14 – Episode 7 - "Fully Gay" Character Controversy?

Cast: Courtney, Lou, Myles, Audrey

06/23/14 – Episode 6 - What Popular Games Are Overrated?

Cast: Courtney, Lou, Myles, Audrey, Mike

06/20/14 – Episode 5 - Digital vs. Retail

Cast: Courtney, Lou, Myles, Shawn

06/16/14 – Episode 4 - Destiny or Battlefield Hardline?

Cast: Courtney, Lou, Myles

06/09/14 – Episode 3 - E3 Conference Reactions

Cast: Courtney, Lou, Mike, Ryan, Myles

06/06/14 – Episode 2 - E3 Expectations

Cast: Courtney, Lou, Brett

06/02/14 – Episode 1 - Watch Dogs & Mario Kart 8

Cast: Courtney, Kyle, Lou, Landon, Benjamin, Aaron

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